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JVA SV2 Solar Electric Fence Energiser 0.2 Joule


SKU : JPTE2234

JVA SV2 Solar Electric Fence Energiser 0.2 Joule

R 2,199.45 Excl Vat.

The JVA SV2 is a solar powered electric fence energiser. The JVA SV2  is ready to go straight out of the box. The SV2 is the perfect portable  electric fence power solution. Its integrated design makes it ideal for  strip grazing, no need to lug or replace flat batteries.

The solar panel  on the SV2 charges the inbuilt battery and the energiser runs off the battery. The SV2 also packs enough punch to be great in small permanent electric fence setups.

  • 0.2 Joule powers up to 2km of fence.*
  • Australian Made
  • Quality monocrystalline solar panel and 6V lead acid battery
  • Self resetting fuse
  • Simple, safe and easy  to set up 
  • Large fence connection  terminals
  • O ring  sealed case for ant and moisture protection
  • Highly efficient and  intelligent digital circuit
  • UV Stable enclosure
* The actual acres or kiometers of fence powered  by this energiser depends on your farm fence conditions and therefore  varies greatly. The best method to compare energisers is to use pulse  output energy (Joules)
Also note that some competitors claim that their 0.15Joule energisers will power 5km of fence; however, the internationally accepted formula is 10km per 1 Joule (i.e. 0.15Joules powers 1.5km).


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